This is only means of reproduction
This is meant to be practice between two qualify people
Which it makes more spiritual meaning than physical enjoyment or satisfaction

But what we see now
Abuse of these act, even children of yesterday involve in it
Because our older people never respect their spouses
In which they prefer going for younger ones
To fulfill their selfish satisfaction
In which they only expose this younger ones to the world of unknown

This leads to many broken marriages and unwanted children
This leads to many bastard children
This makes our society more unspeakable
If you look around and see how This solid three letter words
Has turns our society into uncultured society.


A wonderful season to witness
A wonderful day to celebrate
When a child was born
When a purpose was given
When a dreams have to be fulfill

A time to celebrate and to meditate
A time to jubilate and to judge
A time to share and to sacrifice
A dream to born all our unfulfilled dream
A time to discover why the child was born!


It is a life full experience
It is an experience that know how to handles pressing problems
And challenges
That always sees
An opportunity in everything that comes
May be good or bad

It never apportion blames
But always sees
Every failure as a way of learning new things


What a great century
For great destiny
For great people (youth)
That did not eat their fruit with seed
But know that we must plant for tomorrow

But opportunity are being abused daily
But what many youth want is to eat their cake at the same time have it back
Never see beyond themselves
Never hope for greater things
What a great century
With few dreamer
And purpose drivers
But this century have many gold
This is meant for a forceful and fighting spirit
Also meant for a visionary Youth.


Grow to learn that bad company
Destroy one’s life
Is it true?

For you not to be destroy or initiated
You have to know the wrong and the good
Great don’t move with bad people
But always find themselves around them
Just for them to change their world
Try to be a good company to people around you
It makes your world a better place
With love and endurance
And not eat their vomit!


What generation
Full of talents, visions and dreams
That all beautiful one’s are born
Generation that will hate evil that love good
If diligently work towards
Full of competition
To those who know what it takes and worth

A generation that will change
Her country to good
If right path is taking or otherwise
What a generation!
When those who fail to plan don’t fulfill
Purpose will be given a red card!