Lovely continent
This made of talented and purpose drivers

Which they talk to get audience
Which they never stand by the truth
Which never do what they says
They never think of other but their own interest

These leads to more poverty
Undeveloped continent
And continuous wastage of future fulfilling life


People thinks going to school
Getting married and having kids
Make life more meaningful and having a fulfill life

But all this are secondary
In the chart of fulfillment
Many forget and neglect their primary assignment
Knowing and implementing purpose in a right time and place
These and other makes fulfilled life
Be wise!!!!


Death is a thing that people
Do not pray for at all
Death brings sorrow to happy home
Death scatters a peaceful family
What a painful tragedy!

Did you know to few people?
Is happiness and joyous time ever
Of what a glorious life is after death
This depends on individual
Where to spend your life after death(hell or Heaven)


You just kept me back
Hunting me like, it is just recent
It was so full of pains and mistakes
Rejections, discouragements and afflictions

You never gave me
What I’ve ever wanted
But keeping hurting me

But you only made
Out of choices life gave you
You made me hurt and keep hurting
When you never learn from me
When you never made an experience out of me

Is to forget me and move on
I can never be in your future
Unless you let me!
Remember am your past!!!


How will you tell a person?
That experience all his/her life alone without a companion
That makes a decision alone
And conclude alone on issues
So disastrous!
When the child grows with that kind of people
The child takes instruction from a one single mind
This trained with hatred, loneliness and wrong fighting spirit
A broken home
Only give the fruit of the marriage
To be broken in heart
What a life to live
And life to cause some people to live
Submission and love keep home intact