Many dreams
This was dreamt
But never seem to come to reality
Dreams are now becoming nightmares
Am meant for strong mind
Which can contain and exploit me?
Who can keep me in mind?
No matter how long
No matter the obstacle to my fulfillment
Good dreamer never quit dreaming because is always alive in their mind.


A wonderful season to witness
A wonderful day to celebrate
When a child was born
When a purpose was given
When a dreams have to be fulfill

A time to celebrate and to meditate
A time to jubilate and to judge
A time to share and to sacrifice
A dream to born all our unfulfilled dream
A time to discover why the child was born!


What a great century
For great destiny
For great people (youth)
That did not eat their fruit with seed
But know that we must plant for tomorrow

But opportunity are being abused daily
But what many youth want is to eat their cake at the same time have it back
Never see beyond themselves
Never hope for greater things
What a great century
With few dreamer
And purpose drivers
But this century have many gold
This is meant for a forceful and fighting spirit
Also meant for a visionary Youth.