This is only means of reproduction
This is meant to be practice between two qualify people
Which it makes more spiritual meaning than physical enjoyment or satisfaction

But what we see now
Abuse of these act, even children of yesterday involve in it
Because our older people never respect their spouses
In which they prefer going for younger ones
To fulfill their selfish satisfaction
In which they only expose this younger ones to the world of unknown

This leads to many broken marriages and unwanted children
This leads to many bastard children
This makes our society more unspeakable
If you look around and see how This solid three letter words
Has turns our society into uncultured society.

4 thoughts on “SEX IS NOT FOR ALL

  1. we all know how God felt about Sodom and Gomorrah, sex was destroying lives long before then and will continue on… still I find myself trying not to judge others, and leave that to God. but you are right, it is one of satan’s greatest tools. like men who marry little girls, are really just pedophiles, and men who leave their wives for younger women don’t know the meaning of love or respect. and women who use their bodies to get what they want, or worse, have a hole inside them as wide as the ocean!

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